How to send mail by extracting data from excel

Here i have columns as

Subject. Issue. Identify. Contents. Details

… Add. BGC. … …
… Minus. PCB. … …
… Minus. BGC. … …

I have a excel in this formate ,here the case is 1st want to check the issue column if it contains Minus the i want to return subject and contents column in email body
If it contains the Plus then we need to go in column Identify and check whether it is BGC or PCB.
If it is PCB then return subject, contents and details column in email body
If it is BGC the return subject ,contents and details column in email body.
And also I want 1 minus,1 PCB and 1 BGC in email body

Pls pls pls help me in this i m stuck i dont know how should i proceed with some kind of situation

Read the exc using Read Ranget, store thr output in a datatable

Loop through that datatable using For Each Data Row

In the loop, put your required conditions, you csn use IF condition to check if for first row the content for Issue column us Minus by using DataRow(“Issue”).ToString = “Minus”

If this is true, in THEN block , you can get all the required column data using same syntax using Assign activity , fie example, if you need Contents column in a variable, you can use a variable strContent = DataRow(“Contents”).ToString

If that’s false, you can have another IF condition in the ELSE block. you can check your condition for Plus there the similar manner and get the values stored in the variable.

After this is done for a row, you can use the variables accordingly and simply use in the email body to send the email

Hope this helps!