How to send just a message from UIpath robot to druid chatbot without using orchestrator

User chatting with the chatbot is giving the chatbot a file and the Druid chatbot is emailing it. Then my Uipath robot is reading the email. Now I want my UiPath robot to send a confirmation message to the chatbot that the file is read. How can I achieve this without using orchestrator?


You can get the output message from uipath as our argument which can be obtained in Druid and show it to user


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Okay, that would work can you please tell me or link me to how can that be done. I am a beginner would help a lot. Thanks

I have entered all the data required but I am unable to find ExecutionId. If I am doing something wrong please correct me.

Hi @Kushagra_Bisht
check this tutorial on druid, hope it help you around

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I have seen the training video but there they are using orchestrator but I want to do the job without it.

I think druid everything controls by using queues
Since we are adding up the data from queue and from there it is getting triggereing

I am not sure about that

Tagging @Priyanka_Bhalere for help

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