How to send image in the body of the email using PPT


understand my requirement which is checking DOB from excel which matches with system date and if found any employee data should send email to respective employee
here I have a need that I should send image in the body of email using random slides from ppt. I have a ppt where I have different templates defined in it. so application should pick random template in the body of email.

It will be helpful if you add your inputs on this requirement as well.

I have attached the sample output- the image should be in the middle of body message. Please send the project if any one tried this requirement!


Any inputs???


There are 3 ways you can send images in your emails.

  1. Use content id and send image as an attachment.
  2. Base64Encoding.
  3. Hosting the image in an open server and sourcing it. (Easiest: use Google drive and keep ensure settings are open).

Each approach has its limitation(s). I can see that you are using outlook (the 3rd option does not work well on outlook as users need to approve the download image option to see the image). This is because outlook is secured and the image would be sourced to an external url.

CID shows up in line but might also show up in the body.

Base64 might have certain compatibility issues. However, i think this can be used for your internal comms.

Do let me know if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response @singh.kiran.amit

I’m using Gsuite ->Gmail->Send Mail Message integration to handle email messages. So to tell you in the easiest way. I’ll give you an example of this.
I have all employees data in excel sheet saved in the project directory where I have NAME, DOB, EMAIL columns and if any employee dob matches with system date Then bot should send an email to employee attaching a random inline image in the body of email. but not as an attachment!!! I have also saved n images(jpg) in the project directory named Templates where in bot should pick any one random image everytime it will send to employees. Plz help me with xaml if possible.


Is there any solution about it. I have same task for my job. I create data with names projects and e-mail adresses and also ı use smtp method for dynamic mail sending. My workflow is changing mail adresses and the comments with everytime on datatable. But ı need to write those comments on mail body with a picture. I had also created image files on projects tab on uipath. But when ı try to input image to my mail body , ıt wont shows up …