How to send file for get secure credentials

Hi I used get secure credentials for login now I am uploading into TFS to send the code now second user how to login because credential save in my to store in second machine manually create or send file or exe by click directly store the credential…??


As the credentials are confidential, store the credentials either Windows credential Manager or Orchestrator Assets.

@lakshman Thanks for reply I used window credential manager now my question is credential save in my window manager now I send the code to second person how can they login because window credential manager is in my machine.I need to manually insert the credential in second machine or another user who is using my code automatically login.hope you understand my concern if you not getting my point let me know

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With orchestrator in use that’s not required. But I do agree you will need to add the credentials in there vault once to use the window credential @Aditya10989


@Shubham_Varshney thanks for reply now my question I am using window credential now can I create any exe in this exe I saved user name password etc for this which user double click on this and credential directly store in his window credential…??

pardon me, curious the exe as the executable file or something else ?

And double click what :open_mouth:

executable file .exe or anything I no need to insert manually password by using window credential…?

You will need to create a bat file, try this out :slight_smile:

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