How to send email with multiple attachments using Office 365 send email activity

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I have created a workflow to send emails with multiple attachments using Office 365 scope. The below is to attach all the excel files located in a folder.

Now the problem is if the attachment is 100-1400 KB the email sends but when the attachment is above 5-6 MB it gives the below error.

“Microsoft Office 365 Scope: Code: ErrorIrresolvableConflict
Message: The send or update operation could not be performed because the change key passed in the request does not match the current change key for the item.”

I can only use Office 365 scope as per company policy. Any help on this or another way around is appreciated.


The following resources may help you, related specifically to the content of the error:

outlook - 412 (Precondition Failed) when add attachments at same time - Stack Overflow:

Right now the walkaround way is delaying the second POST around 100 milliseconds. If less than 100 milliseconds, it will be more likely to fail. (The chance to fail might also be related with the size of attachment, I didn’t do further test)

But if I have 10 attachments, between each two POSTs, there will be 100 milliseconds delay.

BTW, I saw this issue even exists in Outlook client, when people send mail, they got same error: check here. So it might be a server issue.

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I had to zip all the attachments as one file and it solved my problem.

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