How to Send email by UiPath Apps

We can set up a MailTo link to a button in your application. By doing so, you can send an email to a specific address directly from your application, without having to copy it and entering it into an email client.
Lets see the implementation now.

Step 1:- Bind the value of ToEmailAdress to a variable varToEmailAddress.

Step 2: - Bind the value of Cc to a variable varCcAddress.

Step 3:- Bind the value of Subject to a variable varSubject.

Step 4:- Bind the value of Body to a variable varBody.

Step 5:- Click on Update button, Go to Events & then create a new rule.

Step 6:- Add a new Open Url rule.

Step 7:- Add the following in the Url field of the Open Url rule: mailto:<> , where <> is the email address to which you want to send the email.

You can add more than just an email address in the rule. You can also add an address in the BCC field,CC field,an email subject, or even some text in the email body.

Result shown in the image below-

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