How to send designed text in the email body?

I want to send mail of the similar format as shown below:

The name and picture are dynamic and need to be added, the other things are constant.
So how should i send this kind of email via UiPath?

you need to build email body as HTML and pass image dynamically

I have never used HTML, so can you please me out. (115.4 KB)

The email is not displaying the image

please share ur flow

individualBirthdayWishFormat.txt (1.2 KB) Main.xaml (23.0 KB) ResourceDatabase.xlsx (10.2 KB)


this is something your windows issue, please see below artcle. same code works for me.

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Its not working.

how do i pass the image dynamically?

please have look at .txt file. Keep place holder in text file and pass value dynamically as i written in xaml