How to send back a row to and SQL server?

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I have a qeustion. I want to send a row back to a sql server. So i thought i make an for each row and then with the right activity ( i dont know wich one). My robot is going to do something in the ERP-system and get the data from a SQL server. When When the robot has done his work, he needs to send back the date of today with the correct ID number? (ID=ID, send current date in specific column) My first question, is this possible with uipath and wich activity do i need to use to solve my problem?

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If you put the row you want to send back in a DataTable this seems to be what you are looking for:

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I saw this activity also, but i saw some instruction video’s of this activity but in the exemple they use you can only send the whole datatable. Is it possible to only send a date to a specific column?

For exemple in uipath you can say: IF: ID.equels.ID then do this.

Maybe i forgot to say it. But the SQL server has already a datatable with alot of ID’s but by the correct ID i want the Date so i know the robot has done this row.

Hi @peterlimonade,

For UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements, it is necessary to use the Execute Non Query activity

In your case, if you want to update one row, you should use the INSERT SQL transaction.
Here you can find an example:

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