How to send an smtp email with company logo

How do i send an smtp email with the company logo?

Hi @Vicky_Teng ,

Could you please have view on the below thread. it might helpful to achieve your requirement.

Summarizing the steps.

  1. Create variable and assign the variable with the image file path. sample below.

oAttachment = new Attachment(“test.png”)

  1. Now create content ID like below.

oAttachment.ContentId = “ImageContent1”

  1. Prepare Emailbodystring with the html content and add the content id and use alt text of image.

  2. send smtp mail message activity with the string body prepared above. thanks.


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Have a view on this thread

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this is the ouput that i get

Hi @Vicky_Teng ,

try is body html set to true in the send SMTP mail message activity properties. thanks.

thank you !

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