How to send an E-mail to a contact list

Hi, I’m trying to send an E-mail using the “UiPath.MicrosoftOffice.Activities.Mail.SendMail” activity.
I’d like to set a contact list name in the To, Cc and Bcc address field.

There is a contact list which name is “A-Group” in my O365’s People.
I wrote “A-Group” in the To address field but the maill address didn’t recognize.

Please help me.

Hi @H.Komata

Use type into and use send hot key as Ctrl +k based on the same selector


Thank you for comment! @AshwinS2

I’m sorry for lack of the information.

I made a list type variable and assign “New String(){“A-Group”}”. Like this.
*Is Draft : True

This is my contact lists.

The result is this. “A-Group” is red color so it’s not recognized as a contact list.

I’d like to do this.


Did you try this “”?

Thank you for comment! @aanandsanraj

I tried to do your advice now.

The address color is blue. But I relieve an error mail.



After type your group name in the new message click on it there you can find the contact of email
Click on A-Group
Then copy contact
now use this email address.

Hi @H.Komata

He means to say


Thank you for answering many times. @AshwinS2, @aanandsanraj

I tried to do that but there is no the copy menu.

I also did the right click on the A-group and copy the address.
This is the result of copy : A-Group [MAPIPDL:null]

By the way, when I do the same way at a normal address. There is the menu of copy and I can copy it.
So I think it’s impossible to send to an contact list…

HI @H.Komata,

Is this a group created in you contact list, or is this something like a distribution list (DL) having the name “A-Group”?

If it is a DL, then you can get the Email ID for that List and can send an email from/to that group.
also from an organisational perspective, creating and managing DLs is easier than maintaining contact groups.

Let me know, and we’ll be happy to help you out!


Thank you for comment, @abdullahnj

Thank you for teaching about DL. It’s usefull than a contact list!

I try to make a send-mail-robot for my customer.
She has already made a lot of contact lists (not DL).
To remake new DLs take time so if it’s possible, I would like to use contact lists.

If you know how to send mail to contact lists, please teach me.

Hi @abdullahnj,
Could you please tell how to send mail to DL using outlook activity…??


you can check this post

Let me know if this is not working in your case, will be happy to help you.
Happy Automation.


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@DimpleP Tq for the respose… I’ll try this out