How to send all Exception screenshots and summary of status of each transaction in excel through mail in Reframework

Dear Masters, I am new to RE-framework. I am working with the RPA challenge (Inputforms). My requirement is, that I need to send all exception screenshots and a summary of each transaction status in excel through SMTP mail. kindly help me out.Tq

Hey @lakshmi_narayana_ch

There is something called dt_TransactionData in ReFramework global variables.

You need to make use of that and update after every transaction.

At the end process, you can perform email part.


Hello @lakshmi_narayana_ch

So do you need to attach the images in the body of yhe email or as a zip file??

Yes i want to attach all exception screenshots in body of the email

Then you can need to create as hrml, enable ishtml property and create the html format to attach the images. Can refer yo thwbelow video for a reference. If number of acreenshots are.more it would be better to send it as an attachment after zipping.

How to use Create HTML Content activity to add tables and images to email body in UiPath? | AutoBot

Hello @lakshmi_narayana_ch - Please refer below video