How to send a multi-attachment email in UiPath?

If you’re utilizing “Outlook” to create process automation, you’ll almost certainly run into this situation.

How can we send an email with many attachments or dynamically changing attachments?

To begin, double-check that you’ve saved all of the needed attachments that must be delivered by email in a designated folder.

We can also transmit attachments with alternative names using this method.

Let’s get started on putting this task into practice:

Create “MultiAttach” variable which is a string array type of variable.


Which will save all of the attachment file locations that we intend to send.

Drag and drop the “Send Outlook Mail Message Activity”

and supply the “MultiAttach” variable to the attachmentscollection argument, as seen below:

We wish to send a message with numerous attachments, each with its own name and file extension.

If your files are in a folder, you can accomplish this by following the steps outlined above.