How to send 1 email to every 150 contacts in a 10k database?

As above - I have the eDM content, and 10,000 emails. My server doesn’t allow 3rd party providers like Mailchimp, and it can only send out 150 contacts per email, each email spaced 1 minute apart. Contacts are all in Excel.

Any example script that I can take a look to achieve this purpose?

Hi @auto,

Try to use linq query to take 150 email and second time skip 150 email and take another 150 email.

Ex , Array_Variable.AsEnumerable.Take(150)


and use some counter variables to pass inside the skip and take function. Finally add 150 with previous values of the variables.

Hi @auto,

Once you got 150 emails. Try to use string.join function to convert array of strings to one string value. You can give that one string value inside the to property of send email activity

does anyone got a sample script that they can share for this function?