How to selector save

i want to know how to selector save .
i want to Increase selector editor check.
i tried check in Empty check box.but cannnt save.

can I Increase selector without exsisting check box.

Not sure what exactly your looking for but this is what i understood from you statement “you wants to add more attibute to selector editor window beside whats there in default”.
In that case please click on “visual Tree” tab which enables to add more attribute to the selector editor.

Thank you!!!
i want to click. but i can’t click in the way you taught.

i need click visual tree and i select <webcntrl css-selector-‘html’ tag-‘HTML’/> and drug and drop selector editor??


Drag and drop doesn’t support try double clicking to add from visual tree.
Regarding check box not sure why you unable to add selector. :frowning: