How to select two elements when select item activity was not supporting

Hello All,

I have two variables str1=“Change in Amount” and Str2= “BPO Value need”

Now i want to click these two items in the screen where select item activity not supporting

Can anyone please help me how to click these two …

Hello Kiran,

You can pass the variables dynamically to the selector of click activity. Just check in which attribute this value is coming in the selector(Most probably “aaname”) and pass the sting variable there.


HI Athira,
Thank you for the reply
Only screen scraping activity supporting … other than that i am unable to click one it is selecting complete screen


Hello Kiran,
Is this a web application/desktop application? If its web, can you make sure that the extension is enabled?


Desktop application…


Did we try with this select multiple item activity

Cheers @tkiran

Hi Palaniyappan,
Thank you for reply…
In select multiple item or select item in these i am unable to select one at a time it is selecting completing screen…

Hi Palaniyappan,

Issue resolved using click text activity and passing variable key modifies with ctrl

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