How to select this one

i should select the pending work order in the below showing img some times the pending work order is hides like we should scroll down and select that pending work order.


once we select the pending work order the show details button will highlighted we will click


Use Ui Explorer to click the row and show us the selector.

Can you use Select Item activity?

Or depending on the availability of the data, I would suggest use Get Text - then check if your option is found using regex.

If it is not found - then scroll down X times to show new values, then repeat until it is found etc.

Hi @postwick , here you can see


Have you tried enabling ‘Simulate Click’ property? Even if its hidden, the bot might click it if the property is enabled.


Use a Click activity using Simulate, and set the third line of the selector to…

<ctrl name='Pending work order*'>

The * is a wildcard that means the text after “Pending work order” can be anything.

yes I did but it didn’t work,

some times pending work order is hides like this


hi , yes i did but it didn’t work

Did you set the Click to Simulate?


Just to confirm, you edited the selector and put the * into it?

Assuming you did, try SendWindowMessages instead of SimulateClick.

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You can use “send hotkey” also in this case , just try to analyze after how many “tabs press” that value is coming , and u can use while loop to make it count that much time

try this and let me know

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It’s probably not going to be in the same position every time.

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yes i put *

okay will try send window

@postwick getting this error while using window

OK this element doesn’t like SendWindowMessages.

Try the Set Focus activity (with the same selector as the click) and see if that makes it scroll to the correct row.

If not, you’ll have to employ some logic to try the click and if it fails, click the scrollbar (or PgDwn if that works) and then try the click again.

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set focus is working

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Hello @meeraa

Is it resolved??

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yes @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

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