How to select the whole Word app for Send hotkey activity?


I need to change some words in a world document by putting them in bold. So I use the search/replace function (ctrl+h) with Wild Cards to put the words I need in bold. All selectors work except the one in the Send Hotkey activity.

On this activity for the moment I only select the text in the center of the window, by default. This selector is unreliable because sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (from one launch to another, without changing the context). I need to be able to select the whole Word window, but the selector selection system doesn’t offer this, how can I do it?


Hi @Maxime_Bonis

I just tested it.
For me
<wnd app='winword.exe' cls='OpusApp' title='yourTitleOrWildCardCharacter' />
works fine.

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