How to select the radio buttons all at one time

Hi Team,

To speed up the process, I would like to know if radio buttons can be clicked at one time all.

Note: There is ajax load on every click of radio buttons.

Dear @Ranjit_Nayak1

I think you cannot click everything at a time using UI Method. for a faster execution try using simulate method or there an option to inject java script you can try that as well.

Inject JS activity is available in UiPath studio.




You can try with Parallel activity and check if the elements are supported, place the click activities inside the parallel activity

Hope this may help you


could you please share some syntax for this, i couldn’t achieve this.

You may share as screenshot.


its not working, its failing and clicking either 1 or sometime 2, not all at one time.

Make sure your selectors are unique (no idx). Use simulate method. It is the fastest.