How to select the mail item and send from the draft folder

Hi all,
Due to my company’s mail security system,I cannot send the mail using send activity in Uipath, but I can create the draft mail by send activity and strored them in draft folder.
Thus I am trying to crating the mail using by mail activity and then select the mail item from draft folder and send them by clicking send button using selector and send hotkey.
However, there have been some toruble to select the mail item by selector which covers all range the list of draft folder see attached file.
Also, I am trying to select the mail item using send hot key such as enter or tab but it also doesn’t work.
It would be appreciated if you could give me good advice.

Thank you in advance.

Aya Selector_outlook.xlsx (303.7 KB)

did you find out a solution, i am also having a same issue