How to select the item from textbox in RPA Uipath


I have a requirement when i enter the project number in textbox, the value get listed in dropdown.Even i entered the full project number still it is expecting the listed item to get selected.

Say for example: Think google search is in text box, Once i provide the details before complete itself it will shown dropdown and we can select that any of the option and click on search. Similar my requirement is i will enter the full details in textbox and it will display it in dropdown, I want to select the item then only search button will be enabled as per functionality.

So please help me on how to select the textbox listed in dropdown in UIpath community edition.

I tried with select item it will be done for dropdown option not for textbox.

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You can use send hot keys for selecting the list item.

Enter full project number
Send Hot Key → Down arrow
Send Hot Key → Enter

Karthik Byggari


ok, HotKey didnt came to my mind.Thanks it got worked.

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