How to select the current date from start and end date using Calender icon

Hi ,

I need to select start and end date as current date , click on calendar icon and select the current date , how can we do this using UIpath studio? are we need to anchor base activity ? please assist


When you click the calendar icon, Is it always on the current date like how you show?
If you do a click event on a date, do you have any selectors that correspond with the date you clicked?

If the latter is true, you should be able to identify “today’s” date and use it as a variable in your selector.

Can you just set the value of Start date and End date directly without using the calendar picker?

If not, you’ll have to click one of the dates with Ui Explorer and show us the selector.

No it wont be at today’s date always, I need to select. also only calendar icon is clickable rest are static , when I use click activity not seem to work .