How to select the correct cell for typing into

Hey everyone, I have a scenario in which the bot clicks on the journal number and then has to type into description. The journal number can change every time, how can I make sure it types into the description of selected Journal number ?


Can you please share the selector of this type into activity

There is an activity called get attribute which gives the prefered attribute as output, so you can check whether the aaname of journal number column and check against your journal number and if it satisfies then you can use type into activity to type into description column

Another method

If the description column have any selector values saying about the journal number then you can provide variable in place of that value

If I replace 7 by wildcard, it always selects the first row.

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You can create a while loop till the last row usng an element exist activity,

then in each iteration get the aa name of journal number using Get attribute activity and then check the aa name against your journal number and if it is true then give the type into activity

Hi @Anived_Mishra
Did you try using send Hotkey (tab) to jump to the next field?

  • Click on the journal number
  • use send hotkey (tab) to move to the next field (which is the appropriate description)
    Let me know if that works :slight_smile:

This worked, thank You!

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