How to select the checkboxes based on current date and download the xml file


am not able to download the XML files based on the dates

As you can see in the above screenshot where Dispatch date= Current date then control need to click on checkboxes these data will be present in multiple pages
For reference please find the below URL

Please guide me how to do


Read the table with data scraping and then for each row of the table check if Dispatch date =Current date check the checkbox on this row.

Doesn’t that web page give you the ability to filter the rows that are returned? If you can filter the results, just filter them for the date you need.

No we dont have that option

Then data scraping the table and looping through it is your best bet. It looks like there is an “items per page” pulldown you can set, if you could get more rows on each page the scraping would be quicker.