How to select the checkbox in HTML table

We have an HTML table structure with columns as follow:


We managed to extract this HTML table into DataTable.

Then we also managed to do some filtering on this table returning as a bunch of selected ID.

If I got the ID of each row on this HTML table, how do I select the checkbox then for that particular ID on that HTML table?

Any example that will be good.

I’m appreciated your help.


Hello @dcpartners,

Hope this could help you:


Hello, I’m also trying to find out how to select the check box that corresponds to the ID of a practicular element into the html table.
I was able to get the row and colum of the element that I need to work further, but how to specify into Check Activity that on the found row to select the check box?

Would you please provide better explanation? Thank you in advance

Hi @Elv,

Hope this could help you.

For example, if the selector for the check box contains the “tableRow” attribute, something like this:

<webctrl tableRow=‘2’ title=‘Robots - UiPath Orchestrator Community’ />

you can inform to this attribute tableRows with the id of your row.

Take a look at this:


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