How to select the cell next to the two rows of the selected cell

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i have to copy the cell that next to the two rows of the cell contains the word “Tp”. But i don’t know how can i do that. Can you help me?

You can see my excel page:


word “Tp” will always be present in a specific column every time or it changes.

A Manohar

Yes. But i want to copy the cell next to the rows of the “Tp” cell.

For example, if the Tp is in the G15, then i want to copy G17. Can you tell me how can i do that please?

You can get the value by reading the excel using read range and then use select method to get the particular value or if your excel data columns are consistent you can use index to get value from particular cell (like - if ‘Tp’ is in cell C4 then by using index you can get the cell value of E4)

1.use counter initialize to zero.
2.use For each row
3.use If condition row(“columnname”)=“Tp”
4.Then get the counter value, in else Assign counterVal= counter +1.
5.use Assign activity newCounterVal=counterVal+2.
6.Then use write cell give range as G+newCounterVal.

A Manohar

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Thanks for your answer. My excel data are not consistent. I know how i can read the cell but i dont know the code that read the next second row from my cell:(

As your excel is inconsistent, you can use select method() :“FirstCoulmnName”=‘Tp’)(0)(“SecondColumnName”)

By using this, you can directly get the required value.

This is look like work. thanks again. But when i write it uipath doesn’t allow me.

" option strict on disallows implicit conversions from ‘boolean’ to ‘string’ "

İt shows me this message. How can we solve this:((

Can you please share the screenshot of your flow

i can share but it is very long workflow and it do not help you about this problem:(

i think if i can solve " option strict on disallows implicit conversions from ‘boolean’ to ‘string’ " error, then it will work. But even if i write after my code “ToString” still getting this error.

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