How to select the button dynamically in Service Now Page

Hi All, I have page some thing like below. I read Assessment Number from Excel and answer the question.
Every Time the I have to click on button and answer questions.
However , when I have recorded it with sequence, every time it selects only the one i recorded first. It is not identifying it uniqely.

In my case, how to select each line button and click.

@MM_KK i believe the page generates the assessment number dynamically, scenario i experience kind of this had the Index number in the selector. I am answering based on that.

what i would like you to do is,
dynamically reassign the selector string to check element Exist by increment the Index/ID number till its not found (do while activity). if the element found check the Assessment number matches yours.

if it matches then use click activity using the selector (pass the dynamic selector string)

please let me know if that helps you


Thanks Rajesh