How to select specific item from the list of available items in internet explorer



Dear all,

I encountered a scenario whereby I need to login to a website and download specific file from the list of available files daily.

The file I need to download has a specify format in which it is labelled by yesterday date. For example, assuming today date is 9 August 2018 (090818), I need to download the file with format PBBAIA_080818_01.OCR.

Attached herewith the image below:

My question is how can I utilize UiPath to identify the file and select the file (by clicking the round circle beside the filename - PBBAIA08081801.OCR) so that I can download it?

Your kindly assistance is very much appreciated.



Hi @Ming,

Can you show the selector of the highlighted text into your image. Based on your selector, you can make the selector dynamic by inserting the dates.