How to select robot when running from Processes tab

Please help to understand the “Processes” tab in Automation Cloud.

I would like to run the processes from “Processes” tab as it seems to have simpler UI but it does not offer an option to select neither environment, neither the robot. There is no issue with random environment assigned but it should run on a particular bot account. How to achieve that?

When I click “Run Process” in Processes tab it instantaneously fires the process on a first(?) available robot and first(?) available environment:

Is this expected behavior? How to select default bot for the process then?

Thank you for the help,

Hi @nespalvota

If you published in orchestrator ,you can see the robots in the processes tab
You can run from there



Make sure you have only that robot in environment so that whenever you run a process it will pick that robot in specific

Else if you have floating kind of bot then it will pick which one is available

Keep only that bot in that environment tagged to your process and keep the other robots in a separate envir

Cheers @nespalvota


Thank you for your answers.

We have several robots and cannot downsize to have only one bot. Creating separate environment for each robot also seems to be disadvantageous.

How can I prescribe/tag a specific robot to the process?


Show a screenshot of what you see when you click the Run process button.

There is no other screen after clicking Run. It immediately starts the job.

If there are input arguments required, then it will show this screen and immediately starts the job after clicking “Submit”: