How to select one item from list of items dynamically where it doesn't support "Select item" activity?

Hi Community,

I have to select one item named “Opportunities” from list of items. And the items positioning is different on each login. Sometimes it is not visible on the screen. It will be visible when it’s scrolled Up/down.

I’m using 2 click activities to achieve this. But it’s not working dynamically.


Here, that item is not visible. And it is selecting some other item .

Please help me with this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej

You can use the ‘Find Children’ activity to get all the children from the dropdown block & determine the ‘Opportunities’ tab’s property, and eventually clicking the element.

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Hi @Vaishnav_Tej

There are three options, best way is to use the mouse scroll activity, make you sure you have selected to element, make sure to make your selector reliable so the activity will search this element and will scroll until reach it, once reached you can just click on it

Second options is to use Hover activity and then clicking on it

Third option, you can use for each UI element, loop through the elements and check if the current element contains the opportunity word, if so, just pass the current element to an a click activity and click on it

PD: you can also give a try with a single click activity, making your selector reliable, and activating the simulate property, or in the input method property, use the Simulate


Hey @Vaishnav_Tej ,
May be If you observe Click Activity Selector you might find something like “Tablerow” which was selected when you indicated first time.May be that need to be dynamic.
Better to use find children activities ,There you can find all the children where you can mention the particular element.


Hi ,
That is not exactly a drop down. So can’t use find Children activity also.

@Vaishnav_Tej ,
Is it possible to share the website link if you are doing it for practice purpose?


I beleive in your click activity selector you are not using innertext…try using innertext and tag in the selector and then use it it click…so that it clicks on the required element

Hope this helps


Is sfl -path required in the selector ?
What all attributes required to make it dynamic?


Your selector mostly looks like this…the tag might be differnet …but only tag and innertext should be good…

<webctrl tag=‘div’ innertext=‘Oppurtunity’ />

If you want to make it click on any other item then use variable inplace of innertext value…if only opp is needed then use the selector with that innertext

Hope this helps


It’s actually a Salesforce Account.