How to select "michael.jackson" using Click Text?

I’d like to click the charactor “micheael.jackson” in the web page.

Although I use Click Text, “michael” and “jackson” can be clicked without problems, but “michael.jackson” containing dots can not be clicked.

Please tell me how to solve it.

[My environment]
Studio 2017.1.6522 Community Edition
Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
.NET 4.0.30319.42000

Thank you.

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Hello @11178, could you provide your selector?

Hello @whyyouandi
Thank you your response

Selector is “webctrl tag=‘BODY’ /”
If I specify “michael”, Uipath can be cliked it correctly, so I think that selector setting is OK.

Thank you,

if possible can you please provide the link on which you want to perform click.

Hello @11178,
I think I heard before Click Text still using element to click it before using text (hence using selector), so I thought if the selector contanis “michael” maybe we should make it “michael” or something. Could you check if that is not the case with you?