How to select max value of a column from a Datarow array in Uipath

Is there a method to select the maximum value of an integer column from a Datarow array in Uipath. Do not want to convert the Datarow array to Datatable as there is a specific index of the DataRow array to be maintained. If it’s possible using LINQ query, using Datarow array please let me know how to go about it.

YourDataRowArrayVar.Max(Function ( r ) Cint(r(YourColumnIndexOrName).toString.Trim))

a variation to the int converion if we can rely on the datatype from column

YourDataRowArrayVar.Max(Function ( r ) r.Field(Of Int32)(“YourColumnIndexOrName”))

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Thanks for the reply, will test it.

Using the query as below:
cashLevRows.Max(Function ( r ) r.Field(Of Double)(“Result”))

but getting an error “Sequence contains no elements”

In General thats Not a Bug in Statement. The Data Return No row Back. Here IT has to investigate

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