How to select list range?

I’d like to ask about the list.

{list(1).ToString, list (2).ToString}
Like the code above, it is not difficult to call two elements from the list.
(i want to make drop-down using input dialog)

How do I index if I have to call 150 instead of 2?

Like Python’s “list [1:150].”
I need to specify list 1 to 150.
How should I designate it?

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I hope I understood right
Lets assume a string list with 200 elements
Selecting the first 150 elements : yourListVar.Take(150).toList /or toArray
Selecting element 50-100: yourListVar.Skip(50).take(50).toList /or toArray


If MyList is the variable, you can get the first 150 with MyList.Take(150).

try a toList /or toArray on end, but can you share your statement?

is statement mean .xaml?

No statement was meant the code part statement the is producing this result. What has you written?
Your XAMLs has some dependencies, so i cannot direct open. Please put your statement here for inspection. Thanks

For the options array refer to highlighted statement:


I just saw it because I was away for a while.
Thank you for your help.

Perfect. We are here for your further questions. Once it is working mark the solving post as solution. So others can benefit from it. Thanks

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