How to select latest year on the table

Dear Friends. I have a table containing rows with year. latest year is on bottom of the row. This table will grow with the year. (It means for next year 2023 will display on the bottom)
How i click latest year (it means bottom item of the table in such dynamic table).
Here is my table.

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Latest year should be the current year.we could use and use click activity based on that value as selector.

Just as sangeethaneelavannan1 said. First u have to get current year and pass it to a variable. Later if you use Use application/browser activity then use Click activity to click that 2022 option. After that u can make this Click button to dynamic pick year, but u have to look for the Fuzzy selector or Strict selector, there you replace “2022” with + your_current_year_variable +.


take one assign activity create the datetime variable and value is - Now.ToString(“yyyy”)

Take one click activity indicate it on the first element…
Open the selectors in UiExplorer then choose the aaname

pass the datetime variable in the aaname field


This will click the 2022 in this year
in next year this will click the 2023


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