How to select item dropdown list that is not supported by Select Item activity?


I’m trying to select item in a dropdown list but when I used the Select Item activity I encountered an error that the control is not supported by Select Item

Need help on reading a value from an excel and search in a web page drop down list

hey @markdgreat

IN that case you can go with Click Activty with simulate property check.



Try to use use Type into or Click Activty

Refer @Girish post also


Type Into Drop-Down

Click and down arrow key…depending upon the options listed


Sometimes it may be because of incorrect selector tag. One way is select the region of your Dropdown (probably a DIV) and in UiExplorer search “SELECT” for “tag” attribute. If you find one and you think it is the right one, right click and make it your element. Refer below post for more insights. (this is for web based)

Again, this is only for specific cases.


You can implement with 2 clicks:
1st click to open the drop down. 2nd click to select the item from drop down.