How to select Header Value

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The attached screenshot is my input excel. In the input sheet the header is Jan-2022 but its value is showing as 01-01-2022. when I try to get the values in Jan-2022 column BOT showing “no Jan-2022 column found” error due to its 01-01-2022 value. How can i make the Jan-2022 as my header value

Plz help me on this!!
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can you type Jan-22 as 'Jan-22?

when you check the column value , try to parse exact the value you have to date format and cross verify

Can you try giving Preserve Format while reading datatable

preserve format option for read range would slow down the process but maybe can help


  • untick addHeaders option
  • read range
  • rename the column names with the help of DateTime.ParseExact(…).toString(“MMM-yy”)
  • remove first row after column name renaming

Hey @ppr Can Plz explain me the Third Point in Detail

Hi @Sam_Abraham If I enable Preserve Formatting Option, then all the values of the column were wrote in the preserve format, is there any way to get the values in normal type