How to select from the dropdown list in uipath

how to select from the dropdown list in UiPath here select item is not working

please help me

Hi @T_Y_Raju,

If select item not working then you go with deferent approach like below mentioned.

  1. Use the “Type Into” activity. You can use this activity to type the value you want to select into the dropdown list element and then use the “Send Hotkey” activity to press the down arrow key and then press enter key.

  2. Use the “Set Attribute” activity. You can use this activity to set the attribute “text” of the dropdown list element to the value you want to select.


What does “not working” mean? Is it throwing an error? Selecting the wrong item? Selecting nothing but continuing? You have to tell us what’s actually happening, in detail, or we can’t help you.

Hi @T_Y_Raju

If the “Select Item” activity in UiPath is not working for selecting an item from a dropdown list, you can try using alternative methods to achieve the same result. Here are a few options:

  1. Use the “Type Into” activity: Instead of selecting the item from the dropdown list directly, you can simulate typing the desired value into the dropdown field using the “Type Into” activity. This can be useful if the dropdown list is not a standard HTML or native dropdown.
  2. Use the “Click” activity: If the dropdown expands when clicked, you can use the “Click” activity to click on the dropdown, and then use the “Type Into” activity to simulate typing the desired value. After typing, you can use the “Enter” key as a separate action using the “Send Hotkey” activity to select the typed value.