How to select from 'Simple' List box

Hi Experts!

Im trying to select items, in order, from a list box. In checking the source code the list box is set out as follows :

<div class="Criteria">
            <select id="Code" name='Code' class="selector">
            <option value='891' selected=&quot;selected&quot;> 891 – Outer Stores 88</option>
            <option value='672' >672 – Management 001</option>
            <option value='912' >912 – Internal Operations</option>
            <option value='778' >778 - Underwriters</option>
            <option value='765' >765 – Level 3</option>

Additionally, as Ive tried to show with the attached screenshot - there is a ‘text’ box that appears when the user ‘clicks’ in to the select box…

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 11.28.19

Essentially, I need to iterate through each selection and click a ‘download’ button.

Any advice on how to go about this and which uipath components to use would be very helpful.

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Hey @Fiorano

  • First use Find Children activity to fetch all the drop-down options

  • Then use Foreach to iterate through the list of elements provided by Find Children

Inside For-each

  • Use Select item to select the option value of the current iteration and use Click activity to click on the download

  • Then the loop continues for other options

Hope this helps