How to select elements from a scroll down list?

I don’t find any index attribute in selector to increment and select element from the mail list


You mean want to select item from Drop-down list ? If yes then try with Select Item activity.

Thanks for the reply @lakshman

Its not drop down list, imagine an outlook web browser, we will be having list of mails on the left panel, I need to select each mail.
Tried with data scraping, to extract all mails, but since there is no next button in outlook web page I cannot scrape all mails.


If you want to extract all the emails from outlook application, you can use Get Outlook Mail Messages activity to get the subject and body of the emails.

If you are using web outlook, you can use screen scraping instead of data scraping.


I hope you don’t have outlook application configured in your machine and thus accessing the mail from browser

In that case we can try with GET EXCHANGE MAIL activity which doesn’t require outlook application to be installed and you can pass the outlook credentials and access the mail items one by one

Have a view on this thread on how to use it