How to select dynamic date and time in flash website?

we are automating one flash website , How to select the dynamic date and time ?

we have date picker to select the date and once selected the date time table will display
we need to select time dynamically.

Time will display in table like

like this will be there

Share the Website Link.

since it’s client site ,not able to share with you. we used CV activities selecting dynamic date and time but not worked . I am just looking for the solution

@Bilal_Zafri1 you can take example for above date picker one , How will you select dynamic date by using cv activities?

 First Assign Your Date (i.e. From Excel or other) to some Variable(Ex: currentdate) and then Split that Variable(i.e. currentdate) and again split and then assign in different variable :
• For Year use variable (Ex: year) & value is: currentdate.Split("-“c)(1).Trim
• For date use variable (Ex: date1)& value: currentdate.Split(”-“c)(0).Trim
• For Month use variable (Ex: month)& value: currentdate.Split(”-"c)(2).Trim

 By using above value ,we will get value in their respected variable:
• year(Variable): 2021(value)
• Month(Variable): July(value)
• Date1(Variable): 10(value)
 Then Open your one flash website from Bot by using Open Browser Activity and put Site Path in Browser.

 Using Click Activity to get :

 Use Get Text Activity For Getting : “October 2020” and save in another Variable (Ex: sitedate)

 Use assign Activity to separate October and 2020 which is display currently.
• sitemonth (Variable): (value)sitedate.Substring(0,sitedate.Length-4).Trim
• siteyear (Variable): (value)sitedate.Substring(sitedate.Length-4).Trim

 We have value in Variable like:
• Sitemonth: October
• Siteyear: 2020
 Use While Activity, for getting required month and year so , In the condition of While Activity put “not(siteyear=year) or not(sitemonth=month)”

 Inside Body ,Use :
• Click Image Activity to move to next month

• Then Above Assign Activity for sitemonth and site year use here ,So it will update again and again
 It break loop ,when condition become false
 Use Click Text Activity and put value date1.tostring.

 Make selector dynamic , using *.
 By using this ,it click on date value(ex: 10)