How to select drop down item follow the email content?

I have the email content like this 01
And i need to choose from service name’s info —>>>GENM-OneTTS into my drop down box.
For example like this

Sometime, my email content is like this

And same one i need to choose from service name’s info ---->>>GENM - Human Resources - eEmployee Development System (eEDS) into my drop down box.
For example like this:

The name i get from email sometime are different with the drop down box.
So, how can i automate it?

And i try to use method like if else like this


it didnt show me any message error. Please help me with this. Thanks.

Hi @jiejie

Have you tried manually based on service name is it getting populated


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hi @AshwinS2 i cannot used type into in here . only can choose based on drop down

Hi @jiejie,

Service Name in email is in this format GENM - OneTTS, but what is the format for this in dropdown, as i cannot see this in dropdown, what exactly is it representing in the the dropdown.

Is the mappings different in mail and dropdown box for only few or for all its same different service name in email and different service name in dropdown.

If there are differences in service names for few, then you can create a sheet in excel with servicenames from email as key and value as from dropdown.

And when you get serviceName from email , you have to check in excel with the corresponding mapping then get the value and then search in dropdown.

@anil5 In dropdown format is OneTTS as i highlighted there. Please click on the image to see it.

some of them are same for mail and dropdown box but some of them are different for mail and dropdown box.

Can you show me thye example?

Hi @jiejie,

Create an excel sheet with key value pair inputs where store the keys as the Service names which will be coming from email and values as the services names from the dropdown.

As shown in below excel sheet.

Book1.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Use Excel application scope , use ready range and use select statement on the datatable to retrieve the value based on the key .

Refer the below for reference.

Sequence.xaml (5.8 KB)