How to select day -1 for this calender for all time

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for example today is july 26 and i want to select july 25… like for tomorrow it has to select july 26 if the day is july 27…so if i have to repeat for this all time means may i know how to do this?

one thing to mention… pics are in different order so please don’t confuse with them.


Instead of using the click we can type right…

If yes, Do like this:

Assign DateYesterday = Now.AddDays(-1).ToString("dd/MM/yy")

Above expression gives you the Yesterday’s date

Take one more assign activity

Assign DateToday = Now.ToString("dd/MM/yy")

Above expression will give you the Today’s date

Now do string manipulation in the Typeinto activity like this

DayYesterday+" - "+DayToday

This will select the yesterday date and today date

This will keep on change…


You can use simple click activity

To select the yesterday day Try like this…

Assign DateYesterday = Now.AddDays(-1).ToString("dd")

Above expression gives you the Yesterday’s day

In click activity choose the aaname from the selectors and replace the aaname with variable

aaname = {{DateYesterday}}

This will click on the yesterday day

Do this same for today


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thanks for the effort reply thiru nani… will try this and will let you know

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thanks for the reply will try and will let u know

i dont know about first method, so i tried with passing variable to selector and it worked thanks… i will also check whether it will work for next month like from august and if it works… huge thanks for you

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