How to select Checkboxes by passing value from Variable?

I have few checkboxes like below.


I am passing value from Excel cell… If cell in excel has Amazon then i want to select only Amazon and if cell has 2 values like Amazon & Flipkart then i want to select both the checkboxes.

Can someone help me with this ??

Hi @Harshad_Jadhav

Use this solution to know how to select values

Select multiple items based on requirements

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Hi Nived,

Thanks for prompt response.

My checkboxes giving me below selectors

webctrl aaname=‘Amazon’ parentid=‘mG61Hd’ tag=‘SPAN’

I am not sure why i am not getting Type=‘checkbox’ and value tags

Value section u make input the excel values

Values are changing in checkboxes, in values attribute put the excel value u want to select

If the value attribute is not there
Insert Value attribute there
In the link I had sent u earlier I had done that, please check

Hope it helps

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I tried adding Value and other tag but its not working…

I will try again

Go to uiexplorer and add it

@Harshad_Jadhav Just replace aaname attribute value with the excel variable by right clicking and choose variable in the selector and use click activity