How to select an items from a drop down list one at a time and upload a file for each item in the list


The above webpage has a drop down list from which i want to select one item at a time and upload a particular file for each such item.


Hi @Vineet1

Have you tried using select item activity



You should first ask yourself what you have and what you don´t.

  1. You have the list of items?¿ if not your first problem would be to get all the values. If its a fixed list just copy them to an excel and read it or make it a list in UIPath (Using assign {“Option1”,“Option2”})

Once you have the list next step will be:
2. Upload the files: Use a for each activity defining the item as string and using your list of items. For each of them you can build another workflow where you upload a file alone.

This are just the first steps, next time give us more info about your project and we could give you better help


Hi @Vineet1,

Take a look the below post.