How to Select an exact Option from a drop down list

Hello Dear,

I want to type into a drop down menu, and select an exact option while there is no uniformity in drop down listed options.
I am taking input of this field from a data table, and looping that particular rows.

Like In case 1 -

I am typing 4519, I am getting the first option that I have to select

In case 2 -

I am typing 3543, and the exact option that I have to chose is getting at second place in drop down.

Please help me out , Thanks in advance :blush:

did you try Select Item activity??

Select is not working for me

Is this Auto Complete?? What is the issue you are getting when using the “Select Item” Activity

Then “Select Item” Activity will not work. This is not a dropdown. You need to use “Find Children” Activity and click the element based on StartsWith method in String


You can place a click activity and scrape the selector of the value which is coming in the drop down list, and do for another, and check the common selector.

You can paste the selector of 2 values, so that we can understand

Hope this helps


if you know exactly what needs to be selected then you can type those value and hit enter.
this is the easy and best way to solve this kind of issue.

In this case I am automating a Windows Forms App, and regarding how to select item from dropdown based on the data from excel sheet, first of all I am assigning the excel data from the particular column to a variable, where with “for each row” activity I am iterating through it. Next I use a click activity to click inside the dropdown menu. After that I use a CV Screen Scope activity where I indicate the whole app window, and below I add a CV Dropdown Select activity, where in the indicate on screen part I am indicating the dropdown arrow button, and in the input text field I am inserting the variable mentioned above.