How to select an element on the screen, validating its existence through a list?

I’m developing a solution that I need to extract a list from a table on the web and after that select an element that contains a link to another page and perform a series of activities.

I’m having difficulties to make it select the element based on the list and that when finished, it goes to the next element of this table.

I’m using Extract Data Table to extract data from this table to an excel spreadsheet and then use for each row so that it reads the field with the information of the element that the robot must select.


You have to tell the Robot to wait for each item to be processed before it can click on the next link.

Basically, this is how the flow must be structured

Open Target Browser Window containing the list of links

For Each row in DataTable

thisLink = row("name of the DataTable column")

Attach to Target Browser
     click on a link using thisLink 
    do your business action on the resulting page
    once done, return to the window that contains the list of links