How to select an element from dropdown

I want to select an element using select item which is present in the drop down . But the ui element is not selecting and it produce an error " this control does not support select item
can anyone suggest an answer

@MdEbrahim you can use click activity with specific selector



If you just want one element you can use GetText GetAttribute also


Yes i do but it not selected the specific element

I’m not getting the text i want to click on text which is present in dropdown

do that part using recording and see whats the difference or else you can edit the selector of the recorded activities as you want.

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Hi @MdEbrahim,

Refer below post


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Hi @MdEbrahim

Check out that you can click the dropdown and then, instead to click which element of the menu do you want, you can type into that value (normally you should able to do this, maybe not because how its done the webpage). If you type the value of the element that you want and send an Enter hotkey it should be the same as make a click.

Also, with almost full probability you should be able to identify the inside elements of the menu with UiExplorer, so if you can indentify them, you are able to click them.

I hope this can help you.

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still get an error
I attach the main function please check (10.3 KB)

But the specific element is not clicking


You did as I said, and its working fine:


Don’t try to click the text once you got it, just go ahead to the next field, you already have put “Recruitment” in your wanted field.


Thanks Pablo_sanchez got the solution

can help me how to do dynamically of drop down

i want read the data from the excel as per the data but i am unable to select it
with out hard coding the value how can i do it

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Using click element 1st click on main element ( which open drop down ), then press keydown in your keyboard ( UIPath Activity : type into… will trigger keyboard, press down in it )

Hi Siva,

If your excel has the full value then you can directly put as rows.Column name, with that it might resolve your problem


Hello buddy Actually I also facing one problem while selecting drop down option from an excel file. Actually I need to select no values like starts from 1 to 20. Issue is example my fist cell values is 15 and second is 17 then not able to select correct values.
Plz revert back

I have a web page having a drop down
How to select an item from drop down randomly