How to select amazon choice or amazon best seller porducts only

I’m having a hard time to figure out which method to select amazon choice or amazon best seller product
can anyone help me how i make a logic.

Hi @umar5628,


You can select first and then extract using Table extraction.

i need to select best seller and extrat tha data and than select amzon choice and exctract data you meaan one by one

First try if you can extract those data directly and segregate. If no, you need to do one by one.

Certainly, here’s an example workflow that you can use to compare Amazon Choice and Amazon Best Seller products and select the appropriate one based on certain criteria:

  1. Use the “Type Into” activity to enter the search term on the Amazon website.
  2. Use the “Click” activity to select the appropriate category and filters to narrow down the search results to the desired products.
  3. Use the “Data Scraping” wizard to extract data such as the product name, price, ratings, and reviews for the first few pages of search results.
  4. Use a “For Each Row” activity to loop through each row of the extracted data.
  5. Inside the “For Each Row” activity, use an “If” activity to check if the current row corresponds to an Amazon Choice or Amazon Best Seller product.
  6. Use a series of “Get Attribute” activities to extract additional information about the product, such as the sales rank and brand name.
  7. Compare the products based on certain criteria such as price, ratings, reviews, sales rank, and brand name.
  8. Use a “Click” activity to select the desired product.
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