How to select all rows that are matching a specific keyword in a column?

Hi UIPath community,

I have been learning actively and really appreciate the support from the community. I have the following question and appreciate if someone be able to assist.

Select all the rows that contains a specific keyword from a specific column from a table? Thank you.

Hi @itsKris

You can use the linq for the same as below within Assign Activity :-


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Thanks Pratik for your response. Would you please help me with what activity would I have to choose to execute this automation? I am referring to a web table where, I would like to search for a keyword on a specific column and if the criteria is met, I would like to take specific action. Let me know. Thanks.

@itsKris Try using Get Text or Get Attribute Activity on the Column Value in the web table that you want to Check and Open the Selector in UiExplorer, and share a Screenshot of the selector if possible. We would have to make the Selector dynamic and then get the Value while performing a Loop over the web table.

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