How to select a value from drop down of web page

I want to select value from dropdown and selection it on the basis of partial string read from excel sheet.

In my excel sheet I have
“product 1”
“product 2”
“product 3”…
… 25 different products

and in drop down I have slect values as
“product 1 product description (24.12.2016)”
“product 2 product description (24.12.2016)”
“product 3 product description (24.12.2016)”…

Please help and guide me.

Use ‘Select Item’ Activity.



How can I map value
“product 1” in excel sheet with “product 1 product description (24.12.2016)”

@vikas_reddy_Vicky - SelectItem does not work with partial values, you need to supply exact value as is in the dropdown, which in this scenario is not feasible.

@piyush.2224 - you could try using TypeInto → yourText + “[k(tab)]” (might need small delay between keys or separation of the tab press to a subsequent TypeInto/SendHotkey).

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Can you please guide me more

@piyush.2224 Instead of using the select item, use type into with the simulateType option checked and some delay between keystrokes to give the menu time to filter, verify that it is highlighting the full value from the partial string that you are typing into it, and then add an additional activity directly after that “Send hotkey” and select either enter or tab depending on usage.