How to select a specific task on a browser?

Hi everybody, I’m starting my adventure with RPA I have a problem with my robot.
How to design a robot and select a specific task on a web page after clicking on the browser e.g.: I have five tasks of which I have to make a move for three. How do I design a task so that the robot chooses three out of five tasks one by one?

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May I know how that will be done manually
If possible with a screenshot pls

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Hi Mark,
I would recommend to go through the documentation of Selectors and Web Recording. If you know about the UiPath Academy, you will find the related examples in the Level 1 Foundation Training.

In Short according to your problem,

  1. Use open application activity stating the path of your web browser(Mind you have the extensions regarding your browser).
  2. Use web recording to record particular sessions you want to create and then close the application. Web Recording is designed for recording in web apps and browsers, generates containers and uses the Simulate Type/Click input method by default.

Hope it helps. :innocent: